Following the events of the Arab Spring in his native Libya, Shihab Elborai took a sabbatical to work with the Temporary Financing Mechanism (TFM), supervising a program of government spending in excess of 1.6 Billion USD to cover humanitarian and administrative initiatives in the recently liberated Libyan Territories.


  • Oversaw the Global Health Program to develop a coordinated framework for managing and financing the provision of urgent medical support to the Libyan wounded across Tunisia, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden.
  • Coordinated the disbursement of USD 30 Million in cash to the families of the villages of Jebel Nafusa Mountain, who had been stranded under siege for over 6 months and thus left without a regular income
  • Supervised dispatch of a team of 22 women from the Libyan Group for Election Monitoring visited Tunis to observe the first free and fair elections in Tunisia, thereby gaining experience in organizing elections and establishing connections with local and international NGOs for election monitoring.